Unifying Principles

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  1. Be Responsible with our client’s money: We closely monitor the client’s capital investment with a goal to develop repeat business, by striving to provide quality work in a timely manner at a competitive price.

  2. Be Passionate about clients/vendors/employees experiences: We care about our performance and are dedicated to working hard to ensure our clients/vendors/ employees have a positive experience to develop long term relationships.

  3. Be Accountable to the process: Follow our clients’ processes while utilizing our systems to ensure our clients/vendors/employees have a consistent experience.

  4. Challenge all to be Great ... "Good is the enemy of Great": Encourage all to grow through creative thinking and hard work so we constantly improve as a business and individual.

  5. Navigate the Business Cycle: Study the trends in the economy and construction industries to ensure we can operate a successful company by providing our clients with the necessary information to make sound decisions. Continue to be entrepreneurial in our thinking and attitude by taking calculated risks and giving all team members necessary financial tools to make decisions to grow as business professionals.

  1. Time: Balance your schedule to allow time for others in need.

  2. Talents: Share your talents with those who do not possess the same skills as you.

  3. Treasure: Share your wealth and good fortune with those who are less fortunate than you.

  4. Strengthen your faith: Know what you believe in and practice it. Be respectful of others’ beliefs.

  1. Team Camaraderie is our cornerstone: Love what you do, Do what you love and love who you do it with. If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

  2. Celebrate Successes: Recognize the accomplishments of company/clients/vendors/ employees in achieving long term prosperity while having FUN.

  3. Think Team First: Consider our entire team (clients/vendors/employees) to determine positive solutions for all parties involved. Apply blameless problem solving techniques to overcome obstacles in an effort to produce win-win solutions. Problems give us a chance to enhance the customer experience.

  4. Be Dream Achievers: Dream big, always assist each other in accomplishing your goals, both professionally/personally. Share your dreams with your team and hold each other accountable in their pursuit of achieving those dreams.

  5. Laugh Every Day: Strive to make each day Fun for ourselves and others. Keep perspective, always be yourself, and have Fun!